3 Apr

Introducing your SHORTS 19 Casts!

Really lovely work today! Directors spent nearly 2 hours discussing casting for these shows. That says a lot about the quality of work they witnessed over the last two audition days….most impressive.

Congratulations to the following casts:

Laurel/Alas: Grace Heaton
Karen/Jane: Angela Tinio
Peter/Jeery: Lukas Montgomery
Duncan/Dink: Mattew Lewis

Matrons: Lorelei Eddy, Kierra Koehn
Crones: Susie Walters, Colleen Cakebread
Barney: Clay Barbee
Dell: Philip Chan
Sailor: Xavier Davidson
Girl: Nikki Ruduick
Clara: Ashley Yablonsky
Man: Caleb Richards

Jake: Izzy Englund
Willard: Jonathan Tence
Stan: Grant Halverson
Meredith: Gwyn Seward
Mimi: Maizie Somers
Rita: Gillian McMahon
Deena: Kierra Koehn
Amber: Brigitte Chenevert

Cowboy: Sonny Kusaka
Knight: Nick Olson
Detective: Marshall Knowles
Aristocrat: Brett Mason
Pirate: Miranda Wiler
Scholar: Ivy Potter

Tomorrow, all casts will meet with their directors and ASMs for a read through of their plays. Please meet in the black box at 3.30. The read throughs should not take much longer than an hour. If you have a conflict with tomorrow, please contact Abigail Cakebread.

2 Apr

SHORTS 19 Callbacks

Great turn out today, everyone. On behalf of all the directors and stage management team, I’d like to thank you all for being well behaved and prepared.

The following list indicates who directors would like to see tomorrow and for what role(s). The same sides will be utilized, so you can refer to the previous audition info post. Please show up promptly at 3.30 in the auditorium. Tomorrow, there will be a schedule listing time slots, rooms, and groupings. At 3.30, Abigail will give you all a brief rundown of what the evening will look like. Please plan to be there until 6pm. If you have a conflict, contact Abigail Cakebread.



Colleen Cakebread, Izzy Englund, Ivy Potter, Grace Heaton

Nikki Ruduick, Angela Tinio, Ashley Yablonsky

Lukas Montgomery, Philip Chan, Gabe Massey

Matt Lewis, Clay Barbee, Caleb Richards, Xavier Davidson



Sonny Kusaka, Lukas Montgomery, Michael Miller, Clay Barbee

Nick Olson, Xavier Davidson, Caleb Richards

Clay Barbee, Gabe Massey, Billie Henderson, Nick Olson

Brett Mason, Lorelei Eddy, Angela Tinio, Grace Heaton

Miranda Wiler, Gwyn Seward, Susie Walters

Brigitte Chenevert, Kierra Koehn, Savannah Pfalzgraff



Kierra Koehn, Angela Tinio, Liana Li, Miranda Wiler

Maizie Somers, Colleen Cakebread, Susie Walters, Brett Mason, Gillian McMahon

Nick Olson, Clay Barbee, Gabe Massey

Phillip Chan, Xavier Davidson, Grant Halverson

Clay Barbee, Matt Lewis

Brigitte Chenevert, Nikki Ruduick

Gwyn Seward, Savannah Pfalzgraff



Xavier Davidson, Matt Lewis, Grant Halverson, Phillip Chan, Marshall Knowles, Jonathan Tence

Nick Olson, Caleb Richards, Michael Miller

Sonny Kusaka, Izzy Engluno, Lukas Montgomery, Clay Barbee, Gabe Massey

Nikki Ruduick, Ashley Yablonsky, Gwyn Seward, Darya Heravi

Maizie Somers, Brett Mason, Colleen Cakebread

Maizie Somers, Gwyn Seward, Susie Walters

Kierra Koehn, Brett Mason, Darya Heravi

Susie Walters, Brigitte Chenevert, Kierra Koehn

2 Apr


Thespian Fundraiser

Showcase, Showcase!

Come and watch our 7 State Thespian Showcase Qualifiers! All proceeds help with student’s State expenses.

The night will also include additional performers!

Wednesday, April 4 @ 6pm
in the PAC Auditorium
$5 at the door


Nicholas Bergerson, Angela Tinio, Maria Tinio, Kaiden Randall

Matthew Lewis
Matthew Snyder

Angela Tinio & Maria Tinio
Brady McDevitt & Matthew Lewis
Erin O’Connor & Hannah Schwartz (Regional Finalists)

Emma Fulmer
Nick Olson (All State Show Auditioner)

Emma Kirby & Brady McDevitt

28 Mar

SHORTS 19 Audition Info & Materials!

Initial auditions for Shorts 19 will be MONDAY, APRIL 2, from 3.30-6 in the Black Box Studio Theatre.

All character descriptions and sides (scenes you will audition with) for specific shows are below. For Monday, choose ONE side. You DO NOT need to have the sides memorized, but be very familiar with them. Please note, the directors just want to see how you tackle character and stage interaction. If called back for April 3, you may not necessarily be called back for the role you initially auditioned with.

Here are the plays, their directors, and the descriptions/sides:

Apres Opera & Marred Bliss, directed by Brady McDevitt
ApresOpera&MarredBliss_Characters & Sides

The Library, directed by Maria Tinio & Keaton Straub
The Library Characters & Sides

Upper West Side Story, directed by Hannah Schwartz & Emma Kirby
UpperWestSideStory Characters & Sides

The Mall, directed by Kendall Gordon
The Mall Characters & Sides

Here is the audition sheet. Please print and fill out prior to your audition:
Shorts Audition Sheet

If you have any general questions or concerns regarding the audition process, please contact the Production Stage Manager, Abigail Cakebread – cakebrea@wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us

If you have any questions regarding characters or the plays, please contact the appropriate director(s):
Brady – mcdevitb@wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us
Maria & Keaton – tiniom@wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us, straubk@wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us
Hannah & Emma – Schwarth@wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us, kirbye@wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us
Kendall – Gordonk@wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us

We highly recommend you begin preparing ASAP as auditions are upon our immediate return to school.

Break a Leg!!

13 Mar


The Theatre Arts Department presents IMPROV NIGHT! on March 14 & 15 at 6pm. Come and laugh your socks off….and maybe even shed a tear….as the WLHS Improv Troupe entertains with short form improv – in the moment character and story creation! Students have been working with professional actor and improviser, Eric Nepom, building their quick thinking and stage collaboration skills.

With special guest appearances each night!!!

$4 at the door.

21 Feb


Due to school closure and activity cancellations, all improv rehearsals and the improv nights (Feb 23 & 24) are canceled.

We are hoping to re-schedule, so please stayed tuned!

21 Feb

The Trial opens March 2!!

Joseph K. has been arrested – but no one will tell him the crime.

Franz Kafka’s The Trial follows the incredible ill fortune of Joseph K., who wakes up one morning to discover that he’s been arrested on unnamed charges. Throughout the play, K. struggles futilely against a secretive and tyrannical court system, only to come to a surprising and unsettling conclusion.

Join us for a fascinating night of modern theatre! Go on a thought-provoking journey with a very talented cast and crew. Please note, this production is not recommended for children under 12. Shows run March 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased at www.wlhstheatre.org or at the PAC box office.

Direction, Set & Lighting Design by Jon Ares
Costume Design by Elyse Grimaldi
Sound Design by Dylan Jahnson & Kaiden Randall
Original Compositions by Dylan Jahnson

For many, The Trial is seen as a spot-on critique of totalitarian governments such as Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, where civil rights were suspended and individuals persecuted on the barest suggestion of civil disobedience. The Trial can also be interpreted as a critique of the unwieldy bureaucratic systems that characterize any modern government, both totalitarian and democratic.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) was a Czech-born German-language writer whose surreal fiction vividly expressed the anxiety, alienation, and powerlessness of the individual in the 20th century. Kafka’s work is characterized by nightmarish settings in which characters are crushed by nonsensical, blind authority. Thus, the word Kafkaesque is often applied to bizarre and impersonal administrative situations where the individual feels powerless to understand or control what is happening.  – Merriam-Webster

5 Dec

Presenting the Cast of “The Trial!”

Thank you everybody for two rounds of awesome auditions! So many great actors here – we are definitely blessed!  If only there were enough roles for everyone….

Below is the cast list for “The Trial.”  Our first rehearsal/read-thru is Wednesday, December 6 at 3:30pm. I know it’s an Early Release day, but rehearsal will not start until 3:30 in the black box – and be over by 6pm.

Joseph Nick Olson Manager Zach Socherman
Franz Grant Halverson Magistrate Philip Chan
Willem Kain Ashford Aunt Clara Angela Tinio
Frau Grubach Gwyneth Seward Sophie Kleist Erin O’Connor
Inspector Izzy Englund Leni Savannah Pfalzgraff
Marthe Ashley Yablonsky Herr Schultz Gabe Massey
Hilda Kaelyn Cahill Titorelli Maria Tinio
Eva Emma Kirby Block Thomas Mor
Priest Matthew Snyder

Thank you, everyone! See you in the Black Box on Wednesday, December 6 at 3:30! Scripts will be provided!

4 Dec

Callbacks for “The Trial”

Everyone who auditioned today – THANK YOU SO MUCH for your bravery and great work! Steve and I were very impressed, and pleased with your efforts!  Here is who I’d like to see tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3:30, at the Black Box for Callbacks:

Hannah Drake
Lorelei Eddy
Kaelyn Cahill
Aaron Dawson
Gabe Massey
Izzy Englund
Savanna Pfalzgraff
Philip Chan
Ashley Yablonsky
Maria Tinio
Grant Halverson
Nick Olson
Chase Johnson
Gwyneth Seward
Jonathan Tence
Zach Socherman
Erin O’Connor
Ethan Arterberry
Angela Tinio
Kain Ashford
Aidan Erdahl
Thomas Mor
Emma Kirby
Matthew Snyder

We will start the Callbacks with some information and direction, then inform who shall be reading which roles. Some people may be reading for more than one role, and there are some roles in the play that we will not be reading (or re-reading) for Callbacks.  We will start at 3:30, and do our best to be done by 6 PM.

All pieces we shall read are pieces that are in the audition packet, so feel free to review those.

Thank you all so much, and if you’re on the list above, I’ll see you at 3:30 in the black box!

28 Nov

“The Trial” Audition Materials!

Auditions: Monday, December 4, 3:30pm at the Black Box
Callbacks: Tuesday, December 5, 3:30pm at the Black Box
First Read-Thru: Wednesday, December 6, 3:30pm at the Black Box

Here is the audition packet:
The Trial Audition Packet

Inside, you will find some character descriptions that should help with auditions. You will also find the Audition Form (which you must fill out BEFORE you audition – bring it already filled-out!). You will also find the audition sides, and information about rehearsals and expectations.

Please read through all the audition sides, to be familiar with them.  Please choose ONE character to audition for.  You will be free to read with others auditioning for the other parts opposite your character. You may get “matched up” with someone, and if you read for Joseph, you may find yourself reading with several different people.

For a synopsis, please see the previous post: http://blogs.wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us/Theatre/?p=1744