28 Apr

Shorts 16!

Shorts 16 runs May 7-9 at 7pm in the PAC auditorium. These student designed and directed plays include crazy therapists, fashion-conscious cat burglars, human bath toys, and an office space for an afterlife….and a lot of pillows! Come and support this great WLHS theatre arts tradition! Tickets are $5 for students, $8 for adults, and can be purchased at the door, or online at www.wlhstheatre.org.

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1 Apr


Thanks to all who auditioned! Here are the cast lists:

Bath Time is Fun Time

Eric Dale – SPONGE


Savannah Pfalzgraff – SUBMARINE

Ian Mathes – WASHCLOTH


Pillow Talk

John Wall – MARK

Kayla Gadd – TIFFANY

Brandon Arrigotti – ROGER

Morgan Middelton – JAYDEEN


Breaking and Entering

Claire Baumgardner – LANA

Danielle Goldman – TALULLAH

Jack Draney – FREDERICK

Ellen Willmarth – POLICE OFFICER


Wherever Comes After

Linda Snyder – DANIELLE

Emily Topping – ANGEL

Laurel Sleeper – CARMEN



We are adding a small comedy sketch written by Mr. B. Director TBD. The cast is:

Nick Olson – DEREK

Kirsten Driggers – MOTHER

Sonny Kusaka – FATHER

Maizie Somers – DR. KINDLY


ALL casts will meet with directors and ASMs tomorrow, April 2, for read-throughs. Locations will likely be in the main building, but meet at the PAC at 3.30.

A full schedule is forthcoming. There will be NO official rehearsal Friday, April 3. But please check in with your director and ASM.


31 Mar

Shorts 16 Callbacks

A big thank you to all who auditioned. What a great turn out. I was witness to the callback list discussion, and it was most definitely not easy for the directors.

The following people should report to the PAC at 3.30 tomorrow, April 1, for callbacks:

Evan S

Maria T

Savannah P

Brady M

Kokanee E

Brianna P

Morgan M

Kayla G

Danielle G

Emily T

Sarah T

Cassie W-R

Keaton S

Maizie S

Claire B

Kirsten D

Linda S

Sonny K

John W

Nick O

Jack D

Ian M

Brandon A

Eric D

Deanna P

Mary G

Laurel S

Ellen W

Hannah S

Congratulations! You will be given specific audition slots when you arrive. Plan to be there until 6pm, but some may leave earlier. We will try to give you enough notice to organize pick-ups to go home.

Break legs!



26 Mar

Shorts 16 Audition Details

Auditions will be in the black box on Tuesday, March 31 from 3.30-6.

Check back here for the call back list. Call backs will be Wednesday, April 1 from 3.30-6 in the black box.

Here are play descriptions and sides:

Wherever Comes After Description

Wherever Comes After SIDES

Pillow Talk Description

Pillow Talk SIDES

Breaking and Entering Description

Breaking and Entering SIDES

Bath Time is Fun Time Description AND SIDES





4 Mar


Caesar has not even opened yet, and here I am talking about Shorts! Well, if you want to direct a play for Shorts, it’s time to start considering scripts. The application is below. There will also be hard copies outside my office. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS 3.15 on TUESDAY, MARCH 17. Please read carefully.

For actors, auditions will be on March 31, callbacks on April 1. As the middle school musical will be rehearsing, auditions and callbacks will be held at one of the porches. Audition posters will go up soon. All are welcome to audition!

Shorts 16 Application

1 Mar


caesar poster mini                                        


Adapted from William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Shakespeare’s political thriller has been set in a 1979 gangland in which we explore themes such as loyalty, honor, family, mob mentality, and self-righteousness. After Caesar defeats Pompey, he and his gang, “The Sennetors,” rule the streets. But there is unrest, as a small faction within the gang feels Caesar is overly ambitious and self-absorbed. They take matters into their own hands (literally), and the mutiny spurs a series of events in which the fate of all involved hinges on the decisions of two great warriors.

With set graffiti art by WLHS students, and plenty of stage combat, CAESAR previews on March 5 at 6pm (pay what you can). The production formally opens on March 6, and continues with performances on March 7, 12, 13, 14 in the black box studio theatre (all at 7pm).

Tickets are $8 for adults and $6 for students. Tickets are available online at www.wlhstheatre.org or at the PAC Box Office. The Box Office will be open during lunch on March 5 and 6.


26 Feb

STATE 2015

Here are the people who are on track for going to State (plus alternates):

1.) Janae Turner
2.) Hope Gilbert
3.) Sophia Pesetti
4.) Claire Massaro
5.) Elizabeth Anderson
6.) Quinn Mitchell
7.) Ellie Jones
8.) Hugh Sherman
9.) Sara Gowdy
10.) Jordyn Marvin-Battersby
11.) Meranda Corona

12.) Evan Shely
13.) Kokanee Ellingson
14.) Ian Mathes
15.) Kira Duff
16.) Brianna Papish
17.) Skye Walker
18.) Emily Karabeika
19.) Kyle Fulton
20.) Riley Knowles

21.) Laurel Sleeper
22.) Deanna Plunkett
23.) Ellen Willmarth

Laurel, Deanna, and Ellen, after review, all three of you are now alternates. So, if any listed above end up not being able to attend, you will draw straws in order to determine who will be the 20th participant.

Here  is the packet: State 2015 Packet

$50 deposit and SIGNED forms are due Tuesday. We want to ensure that we are not stuck in the balcony again this year, so the sooner I get registration done, the better chance we have.