5 Dec

Presenting the Cast of “The Trial!”

Thank you everybody for two rounds of awesome auditions! So many great actors here – we are definitely blessed!  If only there were enough roles for everyone….

Below is the cast list for “The Trial.”  Our first rehearsal/read-thru is Wednesday, December 6 at 3:30pm. I know it’s an Early Release day, but rehearsal will not start until 3:30 in the black box – and be over by 6pm.

Joseph Nick Olson Manager Zach Socherman
Franz Grant Halverson Magistrate Philip Chan
Willem Kain Ashford Aunt Clara Angela Tinio
Frau Grubach Gwyneth Seward Sophie Kleist Erin O’Connor
Inspector Izzy Englund Leni Savannah Pfalzgraff
Marthe Ashley Yablonsky Herr Schultz Gabe Massey
Hilda Kaelyn Cahill Titorelli Maria Tinio
Eva Emma Kirby Block Thomas Mor
Priest Matthew Snyder

Thank you, everyone! See you in the Black Box on Wednesday, December 6 at 3:30! Scripts will be provided!

4 Dec

Callbacks for “The Trial”

Everyone who auditioned today – THANK YOU SO MUCH for your bravery and great work! Steve and I were very impressed, and pleased with your efforts!  Here is who I’d like to see tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3:30, at the Black Box for Callbacks:

Hannah Drake
Lorelei Eddy
Kaelyn Cahill
Aaron Dawson
Gabe Massey
Izzy Englund
Savanna Pfalzgraff
Philip Chan
Ashley Yablonsky
Maria Tinio
Grant Halverson
Nick Olson
Chase Johnson
Gwyneth Seward
Jonathan Tence
Zach Socherman
Erin O’Connor
Ethan Arterberry
Angela Tinio
Kain Ashford
Aidan Erdahl
Thomas Mor
Emma Kirby
Matthew Snyder

We will start the Callbacks with some information and direction, then inform who shall be reading which roles. Some people may be reading for more than one role, and there are some roles in the play that we will not be reading (or re-reading) for Callbacks.  We will start at 3:30, and do our best to be done by 6 PM.

All pieces we shall read are pieces that are in the audition packet, so feel free to review those.

Thank you all so much, and if you’re on the list above, I’ll see you at 3:30 in the black box!

28 Nov

“The Trial” Audition Materials!

Auditions: Monday, December 4, 3:30pm at the Black Box
Callbacks: Tuesday, December 5, 3:30pm at the Black Box
First Read-Thru: Wednesday, December 6, 3:30pm at the Black Box

Here is the audition packet:
The Trial Audition Packet

Inside, you will find some character descriptions that should help with auditions. You will also find the Audition Form (which you must fill out BEFORE you audition – bring it already filled-out!). You will also find the audition sides, and information about rehearsals and expectations.

Please read through all the audition sides, to be familiar with them.  Please choose ONE character to audition for.  You will be free to read with others auditioning for the other parts opposite your character. You may get “matched up” with someone, and if you read for Joseph, you may find yourself reading with several different people.

For a synopsis, please see the previous post: http://blogs.wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us/Theatre/?p=1744

3 Dec

CAESAR Auditions!

Caesar Auditions will be in the black box studio theatre on Dec 16th from 3.30-6.

Call backs will be on Dec 17th from 3.30 until finished.


Caesar Audition Packet

Please note:

1. Fill out the audition form and conflict calendar BEFORE auditions on Dec 16th

2. Choose one side (mostly monologues). You do not have to have it memorized, but be familiar with it.

3. During auditions on the 16th, a member of stage management will be a reader for scenes with more than one person. If you choose to perform a monologue, please know that I may cut you off before you are finished only for the sake of time.


1. Read the play if you can. If not, at least read the scene in which your audition side comes from.

2. Research unfamiliar words. Shakespearean speeches are challenging as it is, but one thing which will help is knowing what you are saying or referring to.

3. Try not to “heighten” the language through attempted dialect or over-dramatized phrasing. Yes, within verse, there is a meter and a rhythm, but that does not mean the text cannot sound natural.

4. Take reasonable risks! Make choices which will help you stand out.

Feel free to ask me questions!




15 Aug

“Into The Woods” Audition Materials!

All right, ladies and gentlemen…. here it is! Audition material!

INTO THE WOODS – rehearsals are 3:30 to 6PM in the PAC (after school), and performances are November 6-16.

Auditions are Monday, September 9.  You’ll sign up in the PAC lobby.  Please download the Audition Form and choose a song from the materials below.  THERE ARE MORE ROLES THAN THERE ARE PIECES BELOW. Just pick a piece that you are comfortable singing. Ms. Monson is our Accompanist, and will play for you during the audition (no need to bring your own accompanist).

YOU MUST FILL OUT AND BRING THE AUDITION FORM. Please fill out the potential conflicts – this is very important as I construct the final rehearsal calendar.

For more information on the show, please visit http://www.mtishows.com/show_detail.asp?showid=000106 to read the synopsis and see a cast list, with vocal ranges and other information.  If you’d like to see the Original Broadway production, featuring Bernadette Peters as The Witch, you can see it on Netflix. (Rapunzel has a song, but it isn’t shown in the video, though.)


Monday, Sept. 9: Vocal audtions
Tuesday, Sept. 10: Callbacks (cold readings  of select scenes/characters)
Wednesday, Sept. 11: *Possible* Callbacks for additional vocal auditions
Thursday, Sept. 12: FIRST REHEARSAL!

A rehearsal schedule to will be crafted and unveiled on Thursday, September 12.  Not all characters will be scheduled for every rehearsal, and every attempt will be made to accommodate  schedule conflicts, but sometimes they’re unavoidable.

The audition form: Audition Form

The vocal selections for auditions:

Bakers Wife
Cindys Mother
Cindys Prince
Jacks Mother
Lil Red
Mysterious Man
Raps Prince

27 Feb

“Distracted” Callback List.


Amazing work, folks!! Such wonderful stuff!  Thank you ALL so much for taking the time to audition.

Now, I know you hear this every time, but I’m going to say it one more time:

Just because your name is not on this list, it does not mean you are not cast in the show! I am only reading certain roles tomorrow.

Called back to the Black Box on Tuesday, Feb. 28, at 3:30 PM:

Emily Axelrod
Camille Bradshaw
Marisa Brookhouse
Melissa Cozzi
Ailish Duff
Bailey Middleton
Griffin Ollar
Riley Olson
Thommie Olson
Ryan Pierson
Gracie Sleeper
Brad Stone
Ashley Welp

22 Feb

“Distracted” Auditions and materials

“Distracted” auditions are scheduled for Monday, February 27, at 3:30 in the black box.  Callbacks, if needed, will be Tuesday, February 28, in the black box.

Auditions will be a bit different this time around – rather than downloading (and perhaps memorizing) a monologue, and auditioning solo, you will be reading scenes with other actors.  We’ll match up people to read together during the audition.  (Sort of like how Callbacks usually work.)  The structure of this play is one that is quick-paced, with many actors entering/exiting scenes, sometimes with only a line here or there.

Performances are April 26, 27, and 28 in the Black Box Studio Theatre. Rehearsals will be after school, 3:30 to 6 PM, with maybe a couple of exceptions.  (No rehearsal during Thespian State Conference, or during Spring Break, but there IS rehearsal on the Friday before Spring Break.)  Make sure you put ALL your potential conflicts down on your audition form!

“Distracted” is about a young couples’ son who has difficulty at school, and some suggest it might be ADD/ADHD.  The play is a comedy, but is about the family’s challenge in helping Jesse (the boy) feel “normal” in a “normal” world, but at what cost?  Are prescribed drugs the right direction?  Is it allergies?  Or is Jesse just a normal, energetic boy, growing up in an energetic world, filled with distractions?

If you are interested in reading the script, connect up with Rheid Heska-McJannet to check out a script overnight. To read character descriptions (written by the author), click Distracted character descriptions .

Please download and print out the Audition Form, and bring it to auditions on Monday.

Here are scenes we will be reading at auditions:

*If you would like to read the role of Mama, make sure you check out her brief monologue.

mama-dr zavala-mrs holly
mama-dr waller-dr zavala
mama-dr jinks
mama-dad 2
jesse-mama mimic

If you have any questions, please contact Jon Ares.

25 May

Thoroughly Modern Millie Auditions

The West Linn High School Theatre Arts Program is pleased to announce its fall musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie, which will be performed October 28-November 6. 2010

For the initial audition on Tuesday 8/31, each performer should prepare one song from the show. Links to the musical selections are listed below; just click on the character name to access the music.  An accompanist will be provided.  There are no non-singing roles.

If you need additional information, please contact director/choreographer Jessica Middleton Murray at murrayj@wlwv.k12.or.us.

Set in New York City in 1922, Thoroughly Modern Millie tells the story of young Millie Dillamount, who has just moved from Kansas to The Big Apple in search of a new life for herself.   It’s a New York full of intrigue and jazz – a time when women were entering the workforce and the rules of love and social behavior were changing forever.  Her grand plan is to find a job as a secretary for a wealthy man and then marry him. However, her plan goes completely awry. The owner of her dingy hotel kidnaps young girls to sell to the Far East; her wealthy boss is slow in proposing marriage; and the man she actually falls in love with doesn’t have a dime to his name – or so he tells her.Click on the names below to access the musical audition piece for that character: 

Priscilla Girls
Muzzy’s Boys
Company Girls
Ching Ho-Bun Foo
Mrs. Meers
Miss Dorothy Brown

Character Descriptions:
MILLIE DILLMOUNT: (mezzo) Millie is a very appealing, honest, feisty, and unique young woman. Undeterred by her Midwestern upbringing and naïveté, she arrives in New York determined to acquire big-city sophistication and a rich husband. She is a pragmatist who dreams big.MISS DOROTHY BROWN: (soprano) Millie’s best friend, a classic old-fashioned beauty who checks into the Hotel Priscilla looking for life, ‘raw and real,’ as preparation for a career on the stage. She has lived in a glass bubble of extreme wealth her entire life, but her cluelessness in the ways of the real world is in no way haughty or snobbish; in fact, it is her charm.

JIMMY SMITH: (tenor) An irrepressible, buoyant personality – loves to have a good time. Jimmy wants to be Millie’s beau, but lacks an important credential: money. Despite his lack of finances, he possesses the assurance, savvy, and poise of a well-born young man.

TREVOR GRAYDON: (baritone) Millie’s boss – a knockout. The original Arrow Collar Man with a yen for efficiency. He falls hard for Miss Dorothy.

MRS. MEERS: (alto/mezzo belt) Striking and sinister, with a barracuda smile. Mrs. Meers owns the Hotel Priscilla, Residence of Young Ladies – a mere front for her highly profitable sideline, white slave trading.

MUZZY VAN HOSSMERE: (alto) Glamorous, big-hearted, fun loving, and wise. Think Pearl Bailey crossed with Josephine Baker. A diva who knows how to have a good time while never losing sight of what really matters in life: love.

BUN FOO: One of two henchmen in the employ of Mrs. Meers’ white slaving business. The brothers reluctantly help Mrs. Meers in exchange for bringing their mother to America.

CHING HO: An unwilling associate to Mrs. Meers, Ching Ho falls hard for Miss Dorothy and saves her from a life of prostitution in Southeast Asia.

MISS FLANNERY: Trevor Graydon’s highly-efficient office manager. Strong, loud and in charge.

HOTEL PRISCILLA GIRLS: Aspiring actresses who are a tight knit group. They sing and dance often.

MUZZY’S BOYS, OFFICE STAFF: This is a huge ensemble cast with many featured roles. The girls from the boarding house have a lot of stage time along with comedic bits, songs, and dance, and the male and female dancers from the speakeasy and Muzzy’s club have some great dance numbers.


29 May

“Sound of Music” Audition Sign-ups!

Auditions for “The Sound of Music” are by appointment only, and you are now able to sign up for an audition slot online!  See below for more audition details.

The auditions are Monday, June 8, and are broken up into 30 minute blocks.  Your audition will only take a few minutes, but you select which 30 minute time slot you prefer.

All you need to do is go HERE and choose which time slot works best for you.  There are 10 audition slots per  time slot – sign up for ONE ONLY.  If there is space available, click on the available space, enter your name, and you are done!  PLEASE ARRIVE 10 MINUTES EARLIER THAN YOUR TIME SLOT TO CHECK IN WITH THE STAGE MANAGERS.

If you accidentally enter your name in the wrong time slot, or you need to move your appointment, just enter your name in the correct time slot (if there’s availability), then click on your name that’s in the wrong time slot, and select “Delete Entry.”

SPECIAL NOTE – The time slots are close to full, please check anyway to see if a slot is avialable.  We want to see EVRYONE that wishes to audition, so if the time block is full, please come anyway and check in with the stage manager in the lobby who will put you on a waiting list.  We will go through each block as efficently as possible and may have extra time where we can fit you in. You may have to wait a little while, but you will be seen. 

Any questions or problems, please let Jessica (MurrayJ@wlwv.k12.or.us) or Jon (AresJ@wlwv.k12.or.us) know.


9 Apr

Shorts X: The Casts!

Wow…. an unbelievable amount of talent at auditions!  So many great actors!  Thank you all so much for auditioning.  Making the casting decisions was very difficult, but here they are.

Lovers and Haters
Tom- Troy Spivey
Marilyn- Melissa Andre
Flora- Katie Carnahan
Tammy- Jenelle Barzola
Tricia- Sammie Forsey
Big Jim- Sam Huck
Mac- Seth Wegener
Susanne-Tamra Schelot
Charlie- Tyler Harmon

Mrs. Hale- Avery Breyne-Cartwright
Mrs. Peters- Anna Stapleton
Mr. Hale- Hans Farnbach
Mr. Peters-Reed Sturtevant
Mr. Henderson- Peter Bonoff

Art and Passion
Jerome- AJ Benya
Catherine- Jasmine Lane
Mime- Emily Axelrod
Greg- Jake Weston
Samantha- Jennie Warmack
Waitress- Anne-Sophie Rialland
Michael- Corbin Wescott
Tom- Michael Johnson
Karen-Jessie Douma

Mysteries of the Castle of the Monk of Falconara
Matthew-Dayne Scanlon
Horace- Tyler Whitcomb
Anne- Ailish Duff
Monk-Brent Bailey
Mary-Hana Deluca
Woman-Tatianna Young

Cast members: first rehearsal is MONDAY, APRIL 13 at 3:30!  Please see the rehearsal schedule (click on “Calendars” at the top of this page) to see what room you’re rehearsing in.

Thank you everyone!

If you were not cast, but might like to Assistant Stage Manage, please email Jon and Jessica.

– Jessica, Jon, Caitlyn, Nick, Chris, Mimi, Alexandra, Reis