5 Jan

The Provoked Wife CAST LIST

E’gads! This was hard, people!

Great work, everyone…truly! You all shined in your own way. It was a lot of fun watching! Alas, I cannot cast you all. The cast is as follows:

SIR JOHN BRUTE – Michael Jonsson
LADY BRUTE – Linda Snyder
BELINDA – Brady McDevitt
CONSTANT – Cade Guerins
LADY FANCYFULL – Deanna Plunkett
MADAMOUSILLE – Ellen Willmarth
RASOR – Nick Olson
JUSTICE – Kaiden Randall
THE QUARTET!! (yes, I’m making it an 80s Baroque-style quartet) – Philip Chan (TREBLE), Maria Tinio (PIPE), Audrey Lipsey, Sonny Kusaka


LORD RAKE – Sonny Kusaka
COLONEL BULLY – Grant Halverston
CONSTABLE – Caleb Richards
TAILOR – Munya Fashu-Kanu
PAGE – Emma Kirby
CORNET – Abby “Mistress” Cakebread
SERVANTS – Hannah Schwartz, Emma Kirby, Grant Halverston

Various ensemble will play THE WATCH, PUBGOERS, and PARK LOOKIELOOS

Tomorrow we will have a read through from 3.30-5.30 in the black box. Please arrive promptly to get your script, so we can get started! If you have a conflict with the read through, please email Maxi, our stage manager, at muessigm@wlhs.wlwv.k12.or.us.