4 Apr

Shorts 18 Callbacks

Shorts 18 Callback List

Congrats, All!

The following should report to the PAC by 3:30 on Wednesday April 5.

*Please look at the CALLBACK CHART below to see what you have been called back for, room assignments, and slot times. This will also be posted.

Some of you will read the same sides from initial auditions, some of you may cold read new sides, and some of you may do both!

Please keep in mind that if you are not on the following list, it is by no means a measurement of your abilities.

Caden DeWitz

Sonny Kusaka

Evan Khone

Gillian McMahon

Nikki Rudnick (Bring Instrument)

Camden Kennedy

Mary Gilmour

Shannon Bandin

Ashley Alexander

Grant Halverson

Thomas Mohr

Kaelyn Cahill

Emma Fulmer

Brady McDevitt

Matt Lewis

Angela Tinio

Kaiden Randall

Matthew Snyder

Chase Johnson

Emma Kirby

Nick Olson

Giselle Guerra

Brianna Alexander

Sydney Steinburg (Bring Instrument)

Phillip Chan (Bring Instrument)

Kendall Gordon

Griffin Harris

Keaton Straub

Hannah Schwartz

Jay Romero

Nickolay Galtsev

Kierra Koehn