5 Sep

SPAMALOT Callback List

What a turn out today! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your great energy and enthusiasm! And thank you for your patience. . .it was a long day for all of you.

We would like the following to please report to the PACĀ at 3.30 tomorrow to read/sing the material associated with the specified character(s). All the callback material is in the previous post. There might be some switches in pairings, so plan to be there until 6pm. We realize that you do not have much time to prepare the material (especially those who are called back for more than one role), so all we ask is that you prepare as much as you can and give it your best shot. We will likely use some time to rehearse each new song with small groups before individuals sing.

Those singing ROBIN, please note that many of the lyrics will be edited before rehearsals begin.

If you are not on the list below, please check back here for the DANCE CALL list, which will be posted tomorrow night. Your name may be on that list! So, keep yourself available Thursday.

(if I misspelled anyone’s name incorrectly, my sincere apologies!!)

ARTHUR – Matthew Lewis, Cameron Massey

LADY OF THE LAKE – Claire Newrones, Hannah Schwartz

ROBIN – Sydney Steinberg, Brady McDevitt, Abby Holland, James Rowan

LANCELOT – Matthew Snyder, Nicholas Bergerson, Anthony Qiu

PATSY – Emily Nielson, Kendall Gordon, Susannah Walters, Keaton Straub

GALAHAD – Matthew Snyder, James Rowan

BEDEVERE – Nick Olson, Kaiden Randall, Philip Chan

HISTORIAN – Philip Chan, Angela Tinio, Keaton Straub

FRED/HERBERT – Nicholas Bergerson, James Rowan

DENNIS’ MUM – Nick Olson, Haden Misra

FRENCH TAUNTER – Xavier Davidson, Gabe Massey, Brady McDevitt

MINSTREL – Amy Gregg, Parrish Noce, Angela Tinio, Philip Chan, Abby Holland, Sydney Steinberg

HERBERT’S DAD – Nick Olson, Kaiden Randall, Gabe Massey


Break Legs!!