6 Sep


Holy Camelot! So much talent I may just have to throw a cow….(not really)

The following people, please report to the PAC auditorium by 3.30 sharp! WEAR CLOTHES/SHOES YOU CAN MOVE IN. And although it will not determine whether or not you are cast, bring tap shoes if you have them. We hope to only go until 5.30….but be prepared to go longer.

Matthew Lewis
Cameron Massey
Claire Newrones
Hannah Schwartz
Sydney Steinberg
Brady McDevitt
Abby Holland
James Rowan
Matthew Snyder
Nicholas Bergerson
Anthony Qiu
Emily Nielson
Kendall Gordon
Susannah Walters
Keaton Straub
Nick Olson
Kaiden Randall
Philip Chan
Angela Tinio
Haden Misra
Xavier Davidson
Gabe Massey
Amy Gregg
Parrish Noce
Erin O’connor
Giselle Guerra
Mack Castañeda
Brigitte Chenevert
Aymeric Burthey
Brett Mason
Aaron Dawson
Kate Hedgepeth
Mary Gilmour
Alex Bernasconi
Kierra Koehn
Grace Heaton
Miranda Wiler
Maria Tinio
Grant Halverson
Emma Fulmer