4 Dec

Callbacks for “The Trial”

Everyone who auditioned today – THANK YOU SO MUCH for your bravery and great work! Steve and I were very impressed, and pleased with your efforts!  Here is who I’d like to see tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3:30, at the Black Box for Callbacks:

Hannah Drake
Lorelei Eddy
Kaelyn Cahill
Aaron Dawson
Gabe Massey
Izzy Englund
Savanna Pfalzgraff
Philip Chan
Ashley Yablonsky
Maria Tinio
Grant Halverson
Nick Olson
Chase Johnson
Gwyneth Seward
Jonathan Tence
Zach Socherman
Erin O’Connor
Ethan Arterberry
Angela Tinio
Kain Ashford
Aidan Erdahl
Thomas Mor
Emma Kirby
Matthew Snyder

We will start the Callbacks with some information and direction, then inform who shall be reading which roles. Some people may be reading for more than one role, and there are some roles in the play that we will not be reading (or re-reading) for Callbacks.  We will start at 3:30, and do our best to be done by 6 PM.

All pieces we shall read are pieces that are in the audition packet, so feel free to review those.

Thank you all so much, and if you’re on the list above, I’ll see you at 3:30 in the black box!