Welcome to Thespian Troupe 1915!

Interested in becoming a member of the local troupe of the International Thespian Society? Well, come to the weekly Thursday lunchtime Thespian meetings (most are open to non-Thespians) to get more information. Also, check out the Thespian Points to see how you can become a member! (Adobe Acrobat Reader or browser plugin necessary to open.)

Official Oregon Thespians Page

Advisors: Steven Beckingham & Annie Kaiser

Members as of March 2018

2017-18 Thespian Officers
Matthew Lewis
Brady McDevitt
Nick Olson
Brady McDevitt
Nick Olson
Kendall Gordon
Sonny Kusaka
Maria Tinio
Sarah Heiden
Mary Gilmour
Emma Kirby
Matthew Lewis
Hannah Schwartz
Alexis Mooney
Erin O’Connor

Audrey Lipsey
Emma Fulmer
Grant Halverson
Angela Tinio
Ella Johansen

Nicholas Bergerson
Kaelyn Cahill
Philip Chan
Thomas Mor
Matthew Snyder
Sydney Steinberg
Caleb Richards

Brigitte Chenevert