17 Nov

“The Trial” Audition Dates Moved

Greetings, all!  Auditions for our March production of Franz Kafka’s The Trial have been moved up to December 4, and December 5 for Callbacks. We will also have read-thrus and table work on December 6 and 7.

Audition materials will be posted soon, but if you are interested in reading the script, click here:

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For some info on the story, check out these links:

Thug Notes (entertaining, and accurate)

Good synopsis (first part of video)

Author Kenneth Albers, discussing the play at Hendrix College, 2012


25 Oct

Monty Python’s SPAMALOT!!!

Spamalot, a new musical comedy lovingly ripped off from Monty Python’s, “Holy Grail, ” will adorn the West Linn High School stage Nov 9,11,16,17,18 @ 7pm at the Performing Arts Center. Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table embark on an quest to find the Holy Grail. On their journey they encounter not quite dead people, Knights of Ni, an enchanter called, Tim, a ferocious rabbit, the French, and um, the All Mighty. With staff guest appearances, a fantastic set, ridiculously fun costumes, animations, and the catchiest of catchiest songs, Spamalot delivers on all fronts! Join us for a night of hilarity…..May the Spam be with you!

Poster design by Alexis Mooney.

7 Sep


Many congratulations to those cast AND those who auditioned. It’s never ever easy, on either side of the audition table!

The following cast, please meet in the black box at 3.30 sharp for a full read through. You will be handed scripts. BRING A PENCIL! We will go until we finish. . .hopefully 6ish. And please bring a calendar of any conflicts if you have not already. The calendar is available in the audition packet a few posts down.

* denotes multiple roles

LADY OF THE LAKE – Claire Newrones
ARTHUR – Matthew Lewis
PATSY – Susannah Walters
BEDEVERE – Cameron Massey
DENNIS GALAHAD – Matthew Snyder
LANCELOT – Anthony Qiu
ROBIN – Brady McDevitt

The following make up the ensemble/chorus, but will also play specified roles:

HISTORIAN – Keaton Straub*
MINSTREL – Abby Holland* & Parrish Noce* (split performances)
FRENCH TAUNTER – Xavier Davidson & Gabe Massey (split performances)
CONCORDE – Nicholas Bergerson
TIM THE ENCHANTER – Sydney Steinberg*
LADY BORS – Mary Gilmour
HERBERT’S FATHER – Kaiden Randall
THE KNIGHT OF NI – Kendall Gordon
THE KNIGHTS OF NI – Keaton Straub*, Hannah Schwartz, Parrish Noce*, Nick Olson*
SWAP CASTLE GUARD 1 – Grant Halverson
SWAP CASTLE GUARD 2 – Mack Castañeda

THE LAKER GIRLS – Emma Fulmer, Angela Tinio, Maria Tinio, Abby Holland*, Amy Gregg, Sydney Steinberg*, Erin O’connor, Giselle Guerra

Anyone on the above list, if you have any questions regarding your role, please email Mr. B at beckings@wlwv.k12.or.us

6 Sep


Holy Camelot! So much talent I may just have to throw a cow….(not really)

The following people, please report to the PAC auditorium by 3.30 sharp! WEAR CLOTHES/SHOES YOU CAN MOVE IN. And although it will not determine whether or not you are cast, bring tap shoes if you have them. We hope to only go until 5.30….but be prepared to go longer.

Matthew Lewis
Cameron Massey
Claire Newrones
Hannah Schwartz
Sydney Steinberg
Brady McDevitt
Abby Holland
James Rowan
Matthew Snyder
Nicholas Bergerson
Anthony Qiu
Emily Nielson
Kendall Gordon
Susannah Walters
Keaton Straub
Nick Olson
Kaiden Randall
Philip Chan
Angela Tinio
Haden Misra
Xavier Davidson
Gabe Massey
Amy Gregg
Parrish Noce
Erin O’connor
Giselle Guerra
Mack Castañeda
Brigitte Chenevert
Aymeric Burthey
Brett Mason
Aaron Dawson
Kate Hedgepeth
Mary Gilmour
Alex Bernasconi
Kierra Koehn
Grace Heaton
Miranda Wiler
Maria Tinio
Grant Halverson
Emma Fulmer

5 Sep

SPAMALOT Callback List

What a turn out today! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your great energy and enthusiasm! And thank you for your patience. . .it was a long day for all of you.

We would like the following to please report to the PAC at 3.30 tomorrow to read/sing the material associated with the specified character(s). All the callback material is in the previous post. There might be some switches in pairings, so plan to be there until 6pm. We realize that you do not have much time to prepare the material (especially those who are called back for more than one role), so all we ask is that you prepare as much as you can and give it your best shot. We will likely use some time to rehearse each new song with small groups before individuals sing.

Those singing ROBIN, please note that many of the lyrics will be edited before rehearsals begin.

If you are not on the list below, please check back here for the DANCE CALL list, which will be posted tomorrow night. Your name may be on that list! So, keep yourself available Thursday.

(if I misspelled anyone’s name incorrectly, my sincere apologies!!)

ARTHUR – Matthew Lewis, Cameron Massey

LADY OF THE LAKE – Claire Newrones, Hannah Schwartz

ROBIN – Sydney Steinberg, Brady McDevitt, Abby Holland, James Rowan

LANCELOT – Matthew Snyder, Nicholas Bergerson, Anthony Qiu

PATSY – Emily Nielson, Kendall Gordon, Susannah Walters, Keaton Straub

GALAHAD – Matthew Snyder, James Rowan

BEDEVERE – Nick Olson, Kaiden Randall, Philip Chan

HISTORIAN – Philip Chan, Angela Tinio, Keaton Straub

FRED/HERBERT – Nicholas Bergerson, James Rowan

DENNIS’ MUM – Nick Olson, Haden Misra

FRENCH TAUNTER – Xavier Davidson, Gabe Massey, Brady McDevitt

MINSTREL – Amy Gregg, Parrish Noce, Angela Tinio, Philip Chan, Abby Holland, Sydney Steinberg

HERBERT’S DAD – Nick Olson, Kaiden Randall, Gabe Massey


Break Legs!!


2 Sep

SPAMALOT Callback Material

For those of you who are interested in auditioning for specific characters, below are songs/sides we will be using for callbacks on Sept 6.

After auditions on Sept 5, I will post a callback list (that evening) specifying who should prepare what. Again, I’m posting these now just for anyone who is interested in looking ahead of time. No one will be reading lines on Sept 5!

Herb’s Dad-callback


2 Sep

SPAMALOT Auditions Tuesday Sept 5!

All the info you need is in the post after this one.

PLEASE NOTE – The audition packet has been updated and now specifies the changed dates. Please remember to have the following filled out prior to arriving to audition:


Break a leg!

15 Aug

SPAMALOT Audition Packet

Hallo, Spammers!!….humph, that didn’t quite work…..ANYway…

Here is the audition packet:

WLHS Spamalot Audition Packet

Please read through thoroughly! At the initial vocal audition on Sept 5, please make sure you have the following filled out:


Here are mp3s of the audition songs you can choose from (sheet music is within the packet):

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life:


His Name is Lancelot:


I’m All Alone:


Come With Me:


Find Your Grail:


This is a really character driven show, so although we would rather you not go too outrageous with character on Sept 5, feel free to play a bit. But remember, it’s all about vocals initially.

Please email me with any questions at beckings@wlwv.k12.or.us

Break a leg…..(it’s just a flesh wound)

9 Aug


Greetings All!
I just wanted to let you know that I am hoping to post SPAMALOT audition info by this weekend or the beginning of next week. Info will be posted here.

Initial vocal auditions will be Sept 5 from 3.30-6. Call backs on the 6th, dance call on the 7th.

Also, don’t forget about the performing arts BBQ on Aug 24 from 5pm! Once I know more I’ll post info about volunteers and grub!

I’m very, very excited about the upcoming school year and theatre arts season!!!!!!


15 May

24-Hour Theatre!

Hey Hey! 24 Hour Theatre this week!!!!

ALL are welcome to participate in this year’s event. Please find a permission form below, which also explains a bit more about the event:’

24 hour theatre permission

All those interested, come to the black box at 3.30 this Friday (May 19). Team Leaders have been established, and they will be picking random names out of a hat to determine casts.

This year, four devised plays will be based on four Billy Collins poems.

Please email Mr B. at beckings@wlwv.k12.or.us with any questions.

This gonna be fun!